L.A. Superheroes

Director(s): Yelena Popovic, Alexandros Potter
Cast: Yelena Popovic, Alexander Zisiades, 
Producer(s): Alexandros Potter, Yelena Popovic, Brian Foyster
Status: Released
L.A. Superheroes is a collection of real-life stories, witnessed firsthand, by the struggling artists that would go on to put this project together. As you may have heard, life in L.A. can be brutally difficult, especially if you are insistent on not “selling out”; and if you are an immigrant, things can get really complicated. Follow Helena as she struggles to get by as an aging actress/model and immigrant,in a tough-as-nails business. When she is forced to operate outside the law to obtain her green card, will she be able to keep her head in the face of impending doom? Will her lone friend, the misfit pizza guy/musician Auto, be able to deflect the bullets and save the day? Check out what it means to be an L.A. Superhero!