Director(s): tbc
Cast: Yelena Popovic
Producer(s): Alexandros Potter, Yelena Popovic

Status: Script

Captivating. Mysterious. The ultimate vixen. The quintessential modern woman. All these labels describe legendary Greta Garbo, yet none can define her. Almost a century after she burst on the international scene from obscurity in Sweden, the eternal mystery that is Greta Garbo at last comes to light in Garbo, a romantic yet tragic exploration of the life, loves, and career of one of the brightest stars of all time. She was the center around whom three famous and talented men orbited: the taciturn, dedicated film auteur Mauritz Stiller, who discovered Garbo, nurtured her unique talent, and with whom she shared a special bond; the devilishly handsome megastar John Gilbert, who was her leading man and lover; and the ruthless, egomaniacal head of MGM, Louis B. Mayer, who, once he had “made” her, felt entitled to own her. But Greta Garbo would never be owned.